Adriana Naje is inspired by everything that sparkles, vibrant colors, texture, and her rich afro-latina culture.  If it’s pink, she has it, if it blings, she needs it.  Sure, she wears a lot of black, but that just means her bag can be as colorful as her personality.

Born and raised in the SF Bay Area, Adriana’s design career started in her early teen years while still in high school.  Always having dreams of owning her own business, she started A. Naje y Empresa in 2011.  Starting small and local, she sold her classic boho bags to the lunch ladies and her teammates.  She saw opportunity to grow and quickly found her niche offering a wide selection of dia de los muertos printed bags.  She expanded her selection and was soon on her way to selling at the monthly artisan market at San Francisco’s Treasure Island.  Everyone knew her by the bright pink canopy you couldn’t miss!  She was sought out for her wide range of vibrant and cheerful prints with something to offer for everyone. 

During her college years Adriana had the opportunity to learn about leather accessories and from there her love for leather was born.  She took it upon herself to learn and grow from that one class. Through books, online resources, and asking all the questions, she was determined to continue mastering her leatherworking skills. 

In the Summer of 2017, Adriana graduated from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design.  She packed up her life and moved across the country to New York City.  Determined and focused, she continued to work and develop her passion.  After two years, she launched her debut collection ‘Candy Hearts.’  Inspired by the mushy and cute Valentine’s Day holiday, ‘Candy Hearts’ is all things cute with vibrant metallic leather. 

Adriana continues to create and develop her talent in her Brooklyn home studio.  Constantly learning and asking questions, continually being inspired, and working on the next collections to share her designer vision.